Sexy. Strengthening. Luxurious. Anti-aging. Brilliant. Long-lasting. Flawless. The cosmetics industry differs from all others in that the only information the consumer has about the product comes from advertising. Truth in cosmetic advertising is mainly regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (1), but they can’t prove that your mascara and face-powder are not, in fact, “lash multiplying” or “age-defying.” And no one (not even chemists) knows what the ingredients listed on the product actually do. For most of us, purchasing cosmetics is an expensive, time-consuming and often disappointing gamble.

The internet isn’t much help, either. There are so many cosmetic products out there that every beauty blog promotes different items, user reviews are too prolific to be useful and company websites offer a dizzying array of products and promotions which are indistinguishable from their competitor’s. What’s a girl to do?

Hence, “She Blinded Me With Science!” the first purely scientific beauty blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide factual information about cosmetic products, backed up by valid scientific studies*. I won’t be offering expert opinions, user reviews or product recommendations. I will only address specific components of products and describe their effects according to scientific research. Every statement I make will be properly referenced so that the reader can undertake further research.

The overarching goal of this blog is to allow readers to shop for cosmetics with confidence and discernment. We shouldn’t be subject to advertising making decisions for us, and we should only be purchasing products that we’re actually going to use and enjoy.

Please refer to “About SBMWS” for more specific information about what this blog is (and isn’t). Enjoy the site, be liberal with your questions and comments and don’t forget to Follow so you can access new content. And thank you so much for visiting “She Blinded Me With Science!

Reference List

*Meaning, I won’t be using information from Somebody’sRandomOpinion.com. The short version of what I mean by a “valid scientific study” is a statistically significant study performed in a controlled environment by experts in the field with results published in a reputable journal or other media.

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