About The Beauty Scientist


Hi!  I’m Rebecca, AKA The Beauty Scientist.  Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m a forensic chemist and a beauty enthusiast.  Years ago, I decided to use my scientific background to understand the effects of ingredients found in cosmetic products.

Learning the science of cosmetology took a lot of effort.  I relied largely on scientific studies and experimentation.  It took about five years to nail down the right beauty routine for me.

These days, I cut and color my own hair and can style it for any occasion without heat. I know what ingredients to look for in cosmetic products and how to apply them in order to achieve certain effects. I also know what to do to keep my skin and hair looking youthful and healthy.

I decided to start writing this blog so that all the time and effort I spent can benefit other women.  My goal is to take the guesswork out of cosmetic products by informing you what effects you should expect from the product’s ingredients, and why.

I want to write about what’s relevant to you.  Please post all of your comments and questions so I can address the real-life issues my readers are facing.  I promise to respond with an answer that includes valid scientific papers as references, and if the answer is ambiguous, I will let you know that as well.

Get started right now and post a question!  I’m excited for the challenge.

Air kisses!  Thanks so much for visiting.